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"It all started with a dream."

About Us

A dream to live life to the fullest. A dream to explore. A dream to travel. A dream to not be tied down by material things. A dream to experience true freedom. The dream was realized when our Founder, Alex Jacobson, bought, built out, and lived in full-time in a short school bus.


While travelling across country, moving from the sea to the mountains, he quickly realized that this was the greatest period of his life and he had to share it with everyone he could. Mile High Custom Vans was born.

Alex graduated from the University of North Florida and while living in Colorado was an amazing experience, he missed the waves and his friends. After heavy consideration, Alex pulled the trigger and moved back to Jacksonville with the same goal in mind. Get more people on the road. With a new name, Beachside Custom Vans, the rest is history.

Our Team

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